Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ABCL svn, now with more CLOS

Stas Boukarev recently reported and diagnosed quite an insidious bug with premature class finalization.  The symptoms could involve method-not-found errors, missing slots in class instances, and strange crashes in the Java parts of ABCL featuring page-long backtraces spewed to stderr (the latter because of debugging output in "can't happen" parts of the code, so someone was trying to diagnose this bug already.)

If you had been evaluating abcl against your existing system and given up because of inexplicable errors, it could be a good time to give the development version a spin again now that the bug is fixed in svn.


  1. Note that svn is a bit wonky this weekend (until a module is autoloaded, its symbols are not exported, which breaks e.g. slime). We hope to fix everything before Monday.

  2. ... and we're back, slime is now working again.