Wednesday, June 21, 2023

A Midsummer's Eve with ABCL 1.9.2

On the threshold of the Northern Hemisphere's Midsummer's Eve, we unveil the second revision of the Tenth Edition of the Armed Bear Common Lisp implementation, viz. abcl-1.9.2.

Most notably, we are pleased to present the fruits of Alejandro Zamora Fonseca's labors on an interpreted implementation of CL:STEP with the first release of the ABCL-STEPPER contrib.  See <> for more details.  This implementation was the subject of his demonstration <> as this year's European Lisp Symposium.

The POSIX-SYSCALLS contrib now provides the ability to set environment variables under UNIX systems <>, as well as providing an example of how best to add abstract additional functionality to the core implementation.

This release also features a substantially re-worked Gray Stream implementation which fixes enough our implementation to be a first class citizen of SLIME's usage.  With the next release of SLIME, one will have to use abcl-1.9.2 in order to use the slime-repl.  See <> for more details.

The ASDF-JAR contrib has been restored to a usable functionality, which includes re-packaging of ASDF systems from within jar files as well as better abstraction for finding non-source artifacts.  Please refer to <> for a refresher on what facilities ASDF-JAR provides for the aspiring ASDF packager.

A complete list of changes may be viewed at <>.

The release itself is available at <>.

Thanks to everyone who continue to support the Bear.  Enjoy yer evening…