Sunday, July 31, 2011

ABCL runs on newly released Java 7

Co-developer Mark Evenson tried to compile ABCL on the recently released Java 7 today. The results are very good: compilation succeeds with the minor addition of a patch to specify the Java source conformance, while running the ANSI tests shows we'll need to look at only a very small number of ANSI test cases (5 or 6, I believe) which have regressed since Java 6.

Conclusion: ABCL works with Java 7.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ABCL 0.26.1 released

On behalf of the developers of ABCL (Armed Bear Common Lisp) I'm glad to be able to announce the 0.26.1 release.

ABCL is a Common Lisp implementation implemented in Java and running on the JVM, featuring both an interpreter and a compiler. The compiler targets the JVM directly meaning that its output is runnable JVM bytecode. The fact that ABCL is written in Java allows for relatively easy embedding in larger
applications. For integration with existing applications ABCL implements JSR 223: Java scripting API.

This release features - among lots of other things - a major reduction in the number of failures in the ANSI test suite: dropping from 26 to 16 failures on some systems (of 21699 tests in total).  Additionally, ABCL now runs Hunchentoot and several other packages from the top downloads from Quicklisp. Please read the release notes and the CHANGES file for more. Version 0.26.0 has not been released due to regressions fixed in this version.

If you have questions regarding use or licensing, or you find issues, please report back to the development list:

 armedbear-devel at common-lisp dot net

Source distribution archives can be downloaded in ZIP or gzipped tar form:

Signatures are available under:

In addition, binaries are also available:


With associated signatures:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Upcoming release (0.26)

This time, we've deviated from the bi-monthly release cycle. Two months ago, it was time to release 0.26 and it would have been time to release 0.27 now.

However, with some of the development team heavily involved in the migration of, we decided to skip a release. It's release time now, so, it's time to release 0.26 sometime this week.

If you have time to test the current trunk version of ABCL with your favorite application, please do and submit your findings: hopefully we can fix them before the actual release!

This release contains the -very often wished for- improvement for deployment: compilation of ASDF systems into JAR files! And much more...