Sunday, June 30, 2013

Post-ECLM 2013: abcl-1.2.1 released

"So long and thanks for all the Jamon"

27 June 2013

*  Tested:  orcl-jdk-1.7.0_25 orcl-jdk-1.6.0_43

** ansi tests rc-2 failing 11-13 of 21708 total.  
   Some regressions since 1.1.1

*  Stablility fixes; additional Quicklisp compatibility

** Fix (make-instance 'standard-generic-function)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Bear changes its Lair

For better management of the reliability of Armed Bear Common Lisp hosting infrastructure, we have renamed the essential services into the domain. This transition has been proceeding since the beginning of April in a manner that was hopefully mostly invisible to the User.  

The binaries and source of the first release candidate of ABCL 1.2 are now available.  Very few additional issues will probably be resolved without additional patches, but if you see something obvious to change that doesn't disturb the stability of our testing infrastructure please get us the patches in the next few days.  Interestingly enough, documentation nearly always has this property.