Tuesday, December 27, 2016

An Armed Bear in Hock with the Dock

This season finds us remembering Wilde's remark about fashion being so unbearable that it must be utterly destroyed every six months.  In that spirit, we submit to current fashion in documenting how ABCL repl may be obtained locally viz:

   docker run -it easye/abcl

Happy holidays!

One may need to explicitly update the base openjdk8 container that easye/abcl is based on via:

        docker pull easye/openjdk8
        docker run easye/abcl /usr/local/bin/abcl

[Docker Engine]: https://www.docker.com/products/docker-engine

If you want a specific packaging to add your own Java/Lisp artifacts, you may easily rebuild the Docker image that the container starts with from cloning the ABCL source and then issuing:

        docker pull easye/openjdk8
        docker build -t easye/abcl .

See http://abcl.org/svn/trunk/abcl/Dockerfile  for build instructions.

1 comment:

  1. With [Docker Engine][] installed so that one may execute:

    docker run -it easye/abcl

    to get

    illin:~/work/abcl$ docker run -it easye/abcl
    Armed Bear Common Lisp 1.5.0-dev
    Java 1.8.0_111 Oracle Corporation
    OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
    Low-level initialization completed in 0.295 seconds.
    Startup completed in 1.425 seconds.
    Type ":help" for a list of available commands.
    CL-USER(1): 23
    CL-USER(2): (require :abcl-contrib)
    (require :abcl-contrib)
    Using probed value of abcl-contrib:
    Added jar:file:/home/abcl/work/abcl/dist/abcl-contrib.jar!/quicklisp/ to ASDF.
    Added jar:file:/home/abcl/work/abcl/dist/abcl-contrib.jar!/mvn/ to ASDF.
    Added jar:file:/home/abcl/work/abcl/dist/abcl-contrib.jar!/jss/ to ASDF.
    Added jar:file:/home/abcl/work/abcl/dist/abcl-contrib.jar!/jfli/ to ASDF.
    Added jar:file:/home/abcl/work/abcl/dist/abcl-contrib.jar!/asdf-jar/ to ASDF.
    Added jar:file:/home/abcl/work/abcl/dist/abcl-contrib.jar!/abcl-introspect/ to ASDF.
    Added jar:file:/home/abcl/work/abcl/dist/abcl-contrib.jar!/abcl-asdf/ to ASDF.
    ("uiop" "UIOP" "asdf" "ASDF" "ABCL-CONTRIB")