Tuesday, April 28, 2020

ABCL 1.6.1 Springs Forth

As augured, the Bear is pleased to join fellow open ANSI Common Lisp implementations CCL, ECL, and SBCL in publishing a new release around the online advent of the thirteenth European Lisp Symposium, ELS2020.

The ABCL 1.6.1 binaries and signatures are now available with their associated CHANGES.

Thanks to everyone involved in continuing to further the progress of our implementation.

Friday, April 24, 2020


Rejoice! for the Bear has emerged from its Lair to slough off abcl.1.6.1 Please see CHANGES for a summary of improvements over the previous release.

Please get any outstanding patches in before April 27, 2020 as we will be releasing abcl-1.6.1 live "at" #ELSCONF.

Currently, the release candidate rc-0 has been committed to various cloud builds; we will be rendezvousing with the cryptographic signatures to do the actual public release on Monday. ABCL-BUILD doesn't have reproducible builds, but we're actively working on fixing that…

stay tuned until Monday Bear fans,

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Stuffing an @Armedbear

Notes on stuffing the Bear into a single jar with ABCL-AIO after T-day for Black Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 22, 2019

Unleashing the Bear past Java 11

Against the falling canvas of 2019, the Bear has freely thrust ABCL
1.6.0 onto the world stage.

This release fully supports building and running on Java 6, 7, 8, and
11 via the openjdk runtimes.  By building from our
source, it is rumored that the User may utilize additional
hosting platforms such as Java 13.

Support for Microsoft Windows platforms has not been thoroughly tested
at this point but we intend to add it our automated cloud based build
in the process of releasing a stabilizing ABCL 1.6.1 build due by the
end of this year.

Thanks to all past, present, and future contributors to the Bear;
here's to hackin' our way out of the prison of the Java
language for over a decade.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Turning the Bear past Java 11

As the leaves fall in the Northern hemisphere, thoughts of the Bear
turn to a rumored permanent slumber, and a complete absence of the
possibility of new updates.  The Bear reviews all submitted
patches, so if you don't like the current implementation,
please get out and push.  Or pull?  Or fast forward? The Bear is
seemingly always confused with Git…

As previously rumored, patches for getting the Armed Bear

Common Lisp implementation running on Java 11 have landed in
the trunk.

Unless anyone objects strongly, we will release ABCL 1.6.0 as soon 

as possible with the intention to support the openjdk{6,7,8,11} runtimes.

After stabilizing the 1.6 branch with the inevitable necessary and
unknown updates, we can turn our attention to the ABCL 2.0 branch which
will introduce support for additional runtimes but drop support for emitting 

openjdk6 or openjdk7 compatible byte-code.

Stay tuned, Bear fans…

Sunday, June 11, 2017

ABCL 1.5.0

We are pleased to announce that we have released the Sixth Edition of the Armed Bear Common Lisp implementation as ABCL 1.5.0.

Due to the lack of a publicly available Java 5 implementation, with this release we drop support for that platform, and henceforth support running on Java 6, Java 7, and Java 8. 

In addition to consolidating eight months of bug fixes, the following notable features are now also present in the implementation.

The compiler now records more complete debugging information on the SYS:SOURCE symbol property.

ABCL-INTROSPECT offers improved inspection of backtraces to the point that local variables may be inspected in Lisp debug frames.  Patches to SLIME to use this feature are in the process of being merged into the upstream repository. The OBJECTWEB system allows the user to disassemble JVM bytecode via dependencies managed by Maven.

JSS now contains a syntax for accessing Java static and member fields.

For declaring dependencies on Java artifacts ABCL-ASDF,  we have added an experimental syntax to address JRE/JDK artifacts via the ASDF:JDK-JAR class, as well as the ability to more finely control Maven dependencies with the  ASDF:MVN-MODULE class.

A complete list of changes may be viewed in the source repository.

Binaries for this release may either be downloaded directly from http://abcl.org/releases/1.5.0retrieved from the distributed Maven POM graph, or run from Docker via
    docker run -it easye/abcl:1.5.0
Many thanks to all who have contributed to nurturing the Bear's execution of conforming ANSI Common Lisp on the Java Virtual Machine.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

ABCL 1.5.0-rc-0 draft of upcoming User Manual

An unsigned ABCL 1.5.0-rc-0 release now available to test the distributions mechanisms for the upcoming ABCL-1.5.0 release.



Draft of upcoming User Manual to which corrections are solicited.