Tuesday, April 29, 2014

An abcl-1.3.1 Spring Cleaning

The Bear came out of his cave on 30-APR-2014 for a spring cleaning.  He grumbled 
something about wanting to look good for Paris next week, and then went back inside
to sleep it off.
[binaries]: http://abcl.org/releases/1.3.1/     [source]: http://abcl.org/svn/tags/1.3.1/
  • The underlying Java Function Interface (JFI) now converts CL:T and CL:NIL to JAVA:+TRUE+ and JAVA:+FALSE+.  Users who wish to reference a JAVA:+NULL+ should do so explicitly.
  • Fix Uniform Naming Convention (aka "UNC" or "network") paths under Windows. http://abcl.org/trac/changeset/14659

    DIRECTORY now works again on UNC paths.

    UNC paths may be either specified with either back slash (#\\) orforward slash (#\/) doubled as the first character in a PATHNAME namestring.

    For the patterns in
    [server]  is stored as HOST.
    [share] is stored as DEVICE.
    [directories-and-files] gets parsed as per the normal rules under Windows.

    Mixing namestrings with both backslash and slash characters can lead to unpredictable results.  It is recommended not to use backslash characters in namestrings if it can be avoided.  The pathname printed representation is always normalized to using forward slash delimiters.
  • Find contrib based on system jar name. 
Thanks to everyone who uses ABCL!

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